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Stickler Syndrome is an under-diagnosed disease with profound medical consequences particularly with respect to vision and mobility. A genetic malfunction in the collagen found in bones, eyes, ears and the face, can lead to blindness, hearing loss, degenerative joint disease, chronic pain and facial effects. It is our goal to improve access to information on Stickler Syndrome to assist in the reduction of complications and improvement of quality of life.

Kim Barwise, R.N. BScN, Executive Producer
Mother of child with Stickler Syndrome

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FILM 2: Finding Hope - Living with Stickler Syndrome
Managing the physical manifestations of a chronic disorder is the initial concern, but addressing the emotional and spiritual impact is equally as important to the well being of the individual and family. This film explores how 3 families living with Stickler Syndrome get the best out of life.

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FILM 1: Stickler Syndrome - Learning the Facts
Provides the facts about Stickler Syndrome. It aims to increase awareness of what can happen, the possible treatment options and provides support to those with and affected by Stickler Syndrome.

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